Saturday, November 21, 2009

Beer Curls

NO lifting this weekend much needed rest... my workout consisted of beer curls and a whole large pizza to my face...

This prank is awesome... I wish I had a sister I could use it on....

Im sure a lot of you have already seen this video but for those of you who haven't this guy is another kind of drunk... I wanna know what the hell he drank to get like that...

Friday, November 20, 2009

Conventional Rack Pulls with Video

Not much went on today just glad that its finally Friday. Kev told me a good story on drive over to the gym that I thought id share. He was bouncing last night at the bar and some sneaky prick was trying to sneak out with two beers and I quote “ I saw that kid trying to leave so I walked over and SLAPPED that shit outta his hand like Dikembe Mutombo's Blocking a shot. It went all over him and the girl he was tryin to take home. I gave him the Dikembe finger wave after too..” I was dying when he said this. Good workout today put up some videos comments please….

Dynamic Warm up

Jump Rope

Rack Pulls Right below the Knee we had to stand on plates to make it the right height for us

5 warm up sets

365 X 3

385 X 3

405 X 3 need to try and keep that back flat but this was heavy as hell

BB Lunge with Towel 95 X 8 then 135 X 6

SB Leg Curls 2 sets

Cable Pullins 2 sets

GHR w/ Black Band 2 sets

Stability Ball Rollouts 2 sets

This is a video reenactment of Kevin at the bar last night that I found on you tube…

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bad Start to a Day

Got my Fat Gripz and Monster Mini Bands from Elite Fitness. I’ve been waiting for these for a few weeks and was jumping up and down like a kid on Christmas when the came yesterday. We used the Fat Grips for almost every exercise today which really jacked up my forearms. The idea of Fat Gripz is the make the bar or dumbbell much thicker which increasing the use of your grip and arms for the exercise thus making them bigger and stronger. Fat Gripz at the real deal very well made.

Was suppose to workout at 7 am this morning which is always a project. I woke up at 6:55 ran outside and my roommate was parked behind me. It was freezing out so I had to clean the ice off my roommates car so I would crash it when moving it… I could care less about the ice on my car so I didn’t scrape it and then I got half way down the road and realized I didn’t put my contacts in and couldn‘t see anything… SH*T.. Got out of my car on Rt 9 and scraped all the windows. Arrive in the parking lot lean over to grab my gym bag its not there.. SH*T again… I left it outside while I was cleaning the ice off my roommates car.. Got back to the gym and it is now 7:35. FINALLY got to working out and someone who was running the track kept waving to me.. NO contacts… sry to whoever you were because Im blind as hell and felt like a jackass giving that little half ass wave gesture you give people when you 1. don’t know who they are or 2. You don’t really like them but you fake wave to be nice...
Now to the workout:

Dynamic Warm up

Jump Rope

DB Snatch
3 warm up sets
60 X 5

65 X 4

75 X 3

Speed Bench w/Fat Gripz 165 X 5 sets X 3 reps

Alternating Incline DB Bench w/Fat Gripz 50X12, 65X10, 70X8

Bench Dips 2 sets

Plyo Push Ups Between Benchs 3 sets

Standing One Arm Press w/Fat Gripz 2 sets

One Arm Smith Bench 2 set

Plate Rear Delt Rasies 2 set

Band Upright Rows 3 set

Band Pushdowns 3 sets

After typing this I realize there are a lot of long ass names for exercises in this workout. Hopefully the videos an clear some things up. If you got 5 min watch this video... I rather lose by 100 then lose like this...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rest day and some FUNK Music

No gym for me today I needed the day off my body was beat down from the past two days… Today I went to a entrepreneurship social networking event just to see what it was all about as most of you know I’m very set on starting my own warehouse gym sometime after I graduate. The event was pretty cool. I got to meet a bunch of interest business investors, CEOs, teachers, and other students. This kind of stuff that’s gonna help me get somewhere because its all about who you know in strength and conditioning business as it is with most things.

I was reading the top 50 innovations of 2009 and number 28 was YouTube FUNK….This was from time magazine…
                     It took Kutiman just two months to finish ThruYOU, the project that would make him both a musical pioneer and an Internet celebrity. Kutiman — a.k.a. Ophir Kutiel, an Israeli musician — took footage posted on YouTube by amateur musicians and mixed it together (drums, piano, synth, theremin, vocals, whatever he could find) into video jams of amazing funkiness, in the process creating an all-new art form that combines DJing, video montage and found art. Some of the players are just goofing around. Some aren't even very good. What makes it work is the performers' unjaded enthusiasm, the hypnotic effect of the looped samples and the sheer serendipitous grooviness that brings it all together as if it were meant to be.

its pretty amazing that this guy became as famous as he did for just collecting music videos and turning them into a mix tape. All the songs are really sick so check out all of them if you can…

High Box Squats + Bill Belichick

Wasn’t feeling well today so I upped the caffeine intake and took some ibuprofen haha whatever gets you through the workout… I’m paying for in now though I feel like ass. Just wanted to mention how sick I am of hearing about Belichicks call to go for in on 4th and 2. I know it looks dumb now but if the Pats had made that plays we would have won the game and everyone would be saying Belichicks a genius! Leave the guy alone he made a decision to try and win the game… maybe the pats should of played some defense on that final drive. Just my opinion…

Dynamic Warm up

Jump Rope 5 min

Box Squats

5 warm up sets on a low box well below parallel

Then High Box about an inch above parallel

(95%) 295 X 3

(100%) 315 X 3

(105%) 335 X 3

Ended with a form practice set of 250 X 8 on the box

This took a lot out of us so we only did one set of everything else

Front Barbell Reverse Lunges 95 X 12

Band Jackknifes 1 set

Partner GHRs 1 set of 10

Band Pulldown Standing Crunches 2 sets

DB Shrugs 1 set

Planks 1 set

Pull Throughs 1 set

Calves 1 set

This is where I want to be at with my jump roping! This guys is nuts… and I have no idea why he screams the whole time but whatever this is sick. Floyd Mayweather doesn’t have shit on this guy…

Monday, November 16, 2009

Multiple Great Stories

Good News or Bad News?

Good news.. I smoked my Macro Economic test today in about 20 min and smoked all my lifts in the gym today

Bad Newz… yes I spelt it with a Z… While parking at the meters today I got out and noticed the parking spot ahead of me had 30 min left on their meter. I thought shit I can save 40 cents if I just pull up one spot. So that’s what I did, then as soon as I got out of my car I was greeted with a wonderful surprise. My Ipod fell out of my shorts while I was getting into my car and I RAN the fu*king thing over!!! SO this park job which was suppose to save me 40 cents just cost me 100$… Its amazing how shit like this happens...

Good day at the gym today. Got all my lifts and my back is fried after all the pull ups and Kroc rows. Me and Kevin witnessed some amazing stuff today at the gym… I am contemplating, after a suggestion from Kev, to make a Meathead of the Day on here and video tape some of the horrendous and stupid exercises some of these kids do…my personal favorite is curling in the squat rack… and IF YOU CANT PICK UP THE WEIGHT AND BRING IT BACK TO THE RACK THEN DON’T DON’T DO THE EXERCISE… I cant stand when people drop the 120’s from shoulder height your sooooooo badass…NOT. On to the workout…

Dynamic Warm up

Jump Rope

Foam Bench

6 warm up sets

(95%) 275 X 3

(100%) 285 X 3

(105%) 295 X 3

Practice 225 X 8 with the Foam

This was the only exercise I beat Kevin at today… I was very excited... and no that is not a 3rd boob its a foam roller

Pull Ups weighted vest for 17 then 14 for the 2nd set

Max Push Ups 52 first set then 38 seond set

Kroc Rows 70 lbs X 30

Pull Aparts 3 sets

BB Curls 2 sets

Face Pulls 3 sets

DB Curls 2 sets

Forarms 2 sets


HAHAHAHAHA this vid kills me

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Things Brendon wishes he could do…

Went to the gym yesterday did some foam rolling, stretching, jump rope, and practiced my set up for the 3 main lifts, then ended with 15 min of steady state cardio... this took about an hour and will do the same thing today