Friday, October 8, 2010

BodyByBoyle Online: The Ultimate Strength and Conditioning Resource

The day has finally come and BodyByBoyle Online is now live!

BodyByBoyle Online has been in development for almost a year, and trust me, it was well worth the wait. I actually had the privilege of testing out this product and I can truly say it over-delivers! This is the "revolutionary software" that Kevin and I spoke of that we will be using for our new & improved Online Personal Training. And if you are a strength coach or personal trainer you should really consider buy the product yourself. Here’s my personal testimonial for the product…

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Your Inspirational Video of the Week

“The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall.” - Vince Lombardi
Take 7 min and watch this video. It will make the rest of your 23 hours and 53 minutes better!