Saturday, April 23, 2011

Age is Just a Number

For the past 6 months I have had the privilege of training an amazing women by the name of Susan. When you first meet Susan in person you’re greeted by your seemingly average, petite, kind,late 40’s looking, female. Then she starts to workout and everyone in the gym takes notice. She gets after it! Susan does things better then most of the athletes! Check out some clips from our past two workouts:

And can you believe that the women you just saw is actually 62 years young? What Susan does is nothing short of amazing. She travels an hour both ways to Boyle’s, 2 times a week, to train. She works a part time job at a health club helping people the same age, or younger, get their poor health in order. She does group power twice a week along with a spin class twice a week. She loves to in-line skate, watch movies, hangout with friends, and drink martinis. And her favorite exercise? The deadlift of course! (I’m convinced deadlifts cure everything… along with keeping you young)….and not once have I ever heard her ever mention her age to anyone, never mind use it as an excuse.

“Retirement – living well is the best revenge” – Susan Walter

Another great example? A guy we’ll call, for privacy purposes, “Big Steve”. Big Steve is an incredible athlete and at 40 years old still crushes it! Check out the video below of Big Steve smoking a 54 inch box jump. Genetics you say? Well, maybe. But do you think Big Steve would still be jumping that high still if he didn’t workout, ate like shit, and sat at a desk all day? Most certainly not. Great genetics, yes, but an even better work ethic. Big Steve trains like an animal, eats well, and has made his health a high priority in his life. You would think Steve was in his late 20’s if you didn’t know him…. because to Big Steve, age is just a number.

I hear it all the time….

“I’m too old for that”

“You’re too young to understand”'

“This is what happens when you get old”

“Well you’re young, enjoy it now while you can!”

“Getting old sucks, but nothing I can do about that”

…and list goes on. In my mind, age is really just a number, but for most, it’s not. For most it’s an excuse. It’s an excuse for not being able to do something and it’s an excuse for not trying something out.

I think there is a serious misconception among us that there’s an inverse relationship between someone's age and their health. People have accepted it as fact that as their age increases their health is also going to decrease. Well yes, that can happen, but only because most people don’t do anything about it! People think that when they get old they’re supposed to have back pain everyday they wake up… they should be stressed out all the time. They think they’re suppose to gain weight around their midsection and it’s impossible for them to be as active as they were when they younger. Most people accept these things as “a part of getting older” and there’s nothing they can do about it.

“People are funny. When they are young, they will spend their health to get wealth. Later, they will gladly pay all they have trying to get their health back” – Today Matters by John Maxwell

You are never too old to start something, and you are never to young to go after something. You do not need to accept anything because you’ve have a few too many birthdays or not enough. Just because your getting older does not mean you’re suppose to have back pain, be stressed out, overweight & weak. And on the other end of the spectrum… just because your 20 something does not mean you have to sit around waiting your turn at the bottom of the totem pole. Stop accepting your fate and start doing something about it!


There’s nothing that says you need to be at a “certain stage” at a certain age in your life… that’s how the average person lives. Susan & Big Steve work incredibly hard and have both made their health a high priority in their lives. This allows them to go out and do things most people lose the ability to do when they turn 35.

Don’t be average. Dare to be extraordinary at whatever age you are… because age is just a number, never use it as an excuse.

If you or a friend is interested in “making age just a number” come into MBSC for a free training session! Please email me at  if you’re interested.

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  1. Great job coach. Here technique is a testament to your program.

  2. Awesome post and message. Amazing job to both you and Susan..and Steve, Damn!! Will certainly be forwarding this to my clients :-)

  3. Big Steve checking in. I am humbled by your accolades.

  4. Coach Rearick, this is awesome! Perfect timing too, trying to get my parents training and this is a perfect way to show them that they are not too old.


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