MBSC Internship

*Coach Kevin Carr and I recently became the internship coordinators at Mike Boyle's Strength & Conditioning. If you have any interest in coming and learning more about the industry then you ever thought possible please contact us. We will lead you each step of the way and when you're done we are confident you will be ready to handle any coaching situation you decide to pursue. 

An internship at MBSC will dramatically improve your skills as a coach. Summer, first semester and second semester internships allow hands- on coaching with up to 300 athletes per day. Our internship is a real life, learn- by- doing experience.
During your internship, you will coach middle school, high school, and collegiate athletes, observe and assist professional athletes in the following areas of performance enhancement:

Duties & Responsibilities: 
  • Dynamic Warm-up and Flexibility Drills; including the agility ladder
  • Speed Development Lateral Movement Enhancement
  • Plyometric Drills
  • Conditioning; including slideboard work
  • Olympic Lifting and Explosive Training Techniques
  • Core Stabilization; including medicine ball work
  • Overall strength training with increased proprioceptive demands
  • Daily setup of Gym and Weight Room
Internship Schedule:
  • January 2 to May 10 (4 positions) includes a $250.00 stipend
  • September 1 to December 23 (4 positions) includes a $250.00 stipend
  • June 1 to August 30 (8 positions) includes a $500.00 stipend or housing for coaching internship - summer only.rn More

If you are interested in an internship positions please fill out the application below (apply online). We also require you send us a brief video of yourself (approx. 3 min) explaining why you want to intern at MBSC (youtube works as well), as well as a copy of your resume. Your video & resume can be sent to the  address below.

Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning
29 Draper Street
Woburn, MA 01801
Attention: Steve Bunker
Phone# (781) 729-1333

For more information regarding MBSC Internships, please call 781-938-1330 or send an email to

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